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Our goal : organizing the exchange of information on thermal spraying at the European level.

ETSA is managed by the Board of Delegates, composed of twelve members elected in a secret vote by the College of Members during the assembly general for four years. They can be re-elected. Members by right: the national representatives of the European countries (one representative per country being active in thermal spraying) are proposed by the national members of the association and accepted by the elected members of the Board of Delegates for four years.

Board of Delegates represents key European universities, research centers and companies involved in thermal spraying, performing research and producing feedstock, equipments and coatings on European and international level. The institutions represented by the delegates gather together hundreds of scientists and engineers dedicated to R&D activities dedicated to base research, applied research, equipment and application development , problem solving in the field of thermal spraying, materials science and engineering...

ETSA Assembly General during 10 RIPT on 1 June 2022

ETSA Assembly General during 10 RIPT on 1 June 2022

The Assembly General of ETSA took place during 10RIPT in Jüllich on 1 June, 2022 at 4 to 6 pm. The report of the meeting, made by the general secretary of ETSA, Giovanni Bolelli (see events). The previous and future activity including conferences and schools was presented by Lech Pawlowski.

An important point of the program was the election of new president and deputy president of our association. Two colleques: Sergi Dosta from the University of Barcelona in Spain and Sarka Houdkova from the  University of West Bohemia in Pilsen in Czech Republic proposed their candidacies for the president and deputy-president respectively. They presented their program and were elected by the majority of participants of the assembly.

The activity of ETSA will be gradually taken over from the hands of the ex-president Lech Pawlowski to the new president Sergi Dosta and the deputy president Sarka Houdkova (see the photos). It will take surely a few months at least before they will start to manage ETSA on their way.

An important points are the next formations including the workshop about the role of thermal spray in the additive technologies to be organized in Plzen in Czech Republic in 20 - 23 June 2023 as well as the workshop on solution and suspension thermal spraying, which will take place in Trollhättan in Sweden on 11 September 2023. Other events are still  in discussion.

Chemnitz, 10 June 2022

Sarka Houdkova, Sergi Dosta and Lech Pawlowski

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The website of the European Thermal Spray Association provides the useful information to all colleagues interested in thermal spraying in the large societies, job shops, or university laboratories. The ETSA members have access to the additional services such as job proposition, information about services related to thermal spraying in different European countries, forum of users which enbles research of missing information related to thermal spraying and much more.

The ETSA membership enables also a reduction in the fees of the events organized by the association.

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