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ETSA events

  • 17 June 2015

    Formation: Thermal Spray Technology, Limoges, 9 December 2015

    The formation "Thermal spray technology: position among films and coatings technologies, coatings characterization, applications and technology’s future" proposed prior to 7RIPT meeting in Limoges on 9th December 2015.

        The formation includes two parts: (i) theoretical morning lectures will be given by internationally known scientists working for many years on the field of thermal spraying: Christopher C. Berndt from Australia, Seiji Kuroda from Japan, Shrikant V. Joshi from India and Lech Pawłowski from The University of Limoges; (ii) practical part in the afternoon including demonstration of suspension and solution plasma spraying followed by scanning electron microscope observation of obtained coatings will be organized by Lech Pawłowski, Alain Denoirjean and Goeffroy Rivaud.
        The number of participants should not exceed 30 persons, because of limited space in our laboratories, and the registration will be made on "first come, first served" principle. The final registration and the payment of the conference fee should be made by 31 October 2015.
         For the registration, please use the reply form in the attached flyer and add a copy of ID (including date/place of birth and nationality) to be sent to me by October 1st, 2015. The acceptation to the formation will be sent by 15th October and the payment should be made on the 7RIPT website: http://www.unilim.fr/ript.

        All necessary and actualized information regarding the 7th Rencontres Internationales sur la Projection Thermique will be available on the meeting's website: http://www.unilim.fr/ript

    Limoges, June 17, 2015

    Lech Pawłowski

  • 11/14/2014

    7RIPT in Limoges, 9 - 11 December 2015

    The second circular of the 7 RIPT meeting which will be held in Limoges from 9th to 11th December 2015 is attached.

    The presentations about all aspects of thermal spraying starting from the feedstock (powders and suspensions) by spray processes including cold spray as well as suspension and solution spray techniques and post spray treatment up to characterization and applications of coatings are invited. The presentations about modeling of spray process and of behavior of coatings in service are also very welcome.

    The Organizing Committee introduces an educational course (see separate information) for the newcomers in thermal spraying. The course will be organized during the first day of the meeting, the December 9th. The theoretical lectures will be given by well knows scientists on the morning. The practical demonstration of thermal spray process and coatings characterization will take place on the afternoon. The number of attendees of the course is limited to 30 to preserve its high pedagogic quality.

    We would welcome also the industrial partners to present their new products at the industrial exhibition.

    With regards

    Lech Pawlowski